Never Again EP now here, benefiting Girls Rock Boston

Reposting from my newsletter:


It’s been quite a while since I’ve reached out. I hope things are well. I’m writing to let you know that today I release my latest project, the Never Again EP.

Click here to stream or download Never Again (soon available on iTunes, Spotify, etc.)

Now, more than ever, it feels critical that we find ways to stay connected to our humanity, whether through art, family, friends, love, community, work, or whatever else opens your heart and gives you peace. For me, that connection often comes in the form of creating and celebrating music. Today, I hope to offer you a small piece of that with these new songs.

For every song listen over the weekend, I will be donating $1 (up to $1000) to Girls Rock Campaign Boston, so let’s get that play count up.

Take care of yourselves and one another.



P.S. In case you’re curious, I wrote a quick note on each song below. Also, big thanks to Mike Davidson at Plaid Dog Recording for bringing these songs to life.

  • So Familiar: this song is about feeling lost and trying to find your way back home, wherever that may be. I tried to represent this musically by changing the time signature in the middle of the song and experimenting with various types of repetition
  • Never Again: my humble re-interpretation of one of my earliest and inspirational musical memories, Queen’s We Will Rock You, but with an indie rock point of view. What you hear at the 1:49 mark is the closest I will ever come to a guitar solo (thank you, Lance Riley, for the inspiration, and to my dog Twiggy who put up with me practicing it about a million times in my apartment)
  • Bad Habits: this song is about the inevitability of destruction that comes with growth.
  • Like You Predicted: A song about trying to manage the grief of losing someone whom you love deeply. I was going for a vintage feel, hence the playful nods to Motown you might notice.