2017 Mar 01: The Noise Magazine (image | link)
"...four years later comes Never Again, a four-song EP that shows her evolution as a singer and lyricist. She still deals with relationships and identity, seeking to explore both hope and resignation." Read more
2017 Feb 06: Music Defined (image | link)
"I’m a big fan of the ambitious zeal that drives this record...Never Again is a huge leap with big guitar hooks and harmonies that didn’t exist on Words. I’m hoping this is just the beginning..." Read more

2017 Jan 04: Allston Pudding (image | link)
"One dreamy layer upon another, this single relates to how a lot of us feel right around the new year: exhausted, and on the verge of rebuilding." Read more
2016 Dec 23: Drunken Werewolf (image | link)
"It sounds beautiful on this track, a bittersweet affair that celebrates the poignancy of memory, all set to uncluttered instrumentation and a lyrical palette that allows the listener's own experience to colour in the rest." Read more

2016 Dec 01: KUTX (image | link)
"“So Familiar” is lofty and lovely. The vocals and instruments are delicate, encouraged to soar into the ether via fairy-like glockenspiel tones while staying grounded and simple with a balance of solid snare drum." Read more
2016 Nov 21: The Vinyl District (image | link)
Featured on The Vinyl District's Press Play playlist.

2016 Nov 18: Nooga (image | link)
"This is indie pop done perfectly—it feels like strolling through an ethereal pop ebullience that's personal and welcoming." Read more
2016 Nov 17: Music Defined (image | link)
"“So Familiar” is as radio-ready and relatable as anything off Words" Read more

2016 Nov 16: The Autumn Roses (image | link)
"...her brand-new single “So Familiar” is a deep and reassuring breath of clear air and compassion." Read more
2016 Nov 16: Paste Magazine (image | link)
"The transition from 4/4 time signature into the 7/4 of the bridge almost robs Barrak of breath, leaving her gasping for air. As the song’s swirling bright melody comes to an end, the emotional storm leaves Barrak trying to get through each mindless day, one step at a time." Read more

2016 Nov 14: Impose Magazine (image | link)
"Relatively upbeat, the song makes you feel like you’re taking a long, deep breath and letting all of the negativity go. And that’s something we all need a little bit of right now. So enjoy this track on repeat, for the love of all things good." Read more
2013 Jul 15: Plattenteller (German Music Blog) (image | link)
"Whether dreamy folk excursions or catchy pop songs, Barrak plays and sings with so much joy that every note becomes a tiny sunbeam." Translated by Lucy Turner. Read more

2013 Jun: The Noise Magazine (image)
"Words To Break Your Heart combines a charming blend of naivete, sophistication, and sincerity...already on my list of top local albums of 2013..." Read more
2013 Apr: Performer Magazine (image)
"Words To Break Your Heart is a stunning piece..." Read more

2013 Mar/Apr: Arrive Magazine (image)
"A breezier Liz Phair" Read more
2013 Mar 27: Matheson's Entertainment Blog (image|link)
"Words to Break Your Heart ...takes the listener on a musical trip that runs from folk music to Indie rock and back again. The eleven tracks that make up the 2013 release from Barrak help to give the listener a well-rounded glimpse into the talent of this singer-songwriter." Read more

2013 Mar 26: Good Vibes Music Reviews (image|link)
"Albums of this caliber come only a handful out of 100, and debut albums of this quality are even rarer...The sound follows similar artists such as Tilly and the Wall, Eisley, and most specifically Gregory and the Hawk and Azure Ray." Read more
2013 Mar 26: FreeIndie.com (image|link)
Featured on FreeIndie.com. View

2013 Mar 19: Wildy's World (image|link)
"Steph Barrak is a rare gem. The Boston-based indie singer/songwriter blends a poetic stream of consciousness lyrical style with an artful melodic sensibility and a distinctive pop pulse...Barrak spent two years working with producer Mike Davidson to craft her sonic visions into the album Words To Break Your Heart. The end result is stunning, beautiful and raw, with a living heartbeat you cannot ignore." Read more
2013 Mar 13: Inside Word Music (image|link)
"Overall, fans of alternative pop and folk will love the music of Steph Barrak. Think Beth Orton meets Leigh Nash meets Shawn Colvin meets Suzanne Vega." Read more

2013 Mar 10: The Bomber Jacket (image|link)
"It’s hard to believe that Words To Break Your Heart is Barrak’s debut release. The songs sound masterfully produced and mixed, and they have scores of auspicious details buried beneath the layers of sound that blend so beautifully together that they aren’t immediately recognized and therefore rewarded. There’s a lot to Words To Break Your Heart; even if the first listen seems simple, further listens open the songs’ textures and full capabilities." Read more
2013 Mar 05: Red Line Roots (image|link)
"In its whole, the work is pretty upbeat in its nature and structure. I sense a lot of sing along capacity in her tunes, driving in your car, turning the dial up and singing out loud (to be caught by the person in the car next to you…and still you keep singing anyway). Despite its cheerful sounding dynamic composition, it’s definitely a record that contains some of the more bleak components of love..." Read more

2013 Mar 02: Wholly Roller (link)
"The whole album is beautiful in every sense of the word, but this track [Hardwired] moved me to tears." Read more
2013 Feb 27: Music Mud Pie (image|link)
"Overall, Steph Barrak writes honest songs about her life, expressed originally, and what I really like about her is the way she sings with a soulful subtlety that is never over-done." Read more

2013 Feb 26: Music Defined (image|link)
"Over the course of eleven songs she proves herself to be a fine writer and performer, combining the emotional sincerity and intelligence of Laura Veirs with the sing-along pop sensibility of the early 2000′s wave of female Top 40 stars (Michelle Branch, Vanessa Carlton)." Read more
2013 Feb 21: Lady Indie (image|link)
"Painted Face [is] a really catchy song that we can’t seem to get out of our heads!" Read more

2013 Feb 16: LaParadiddle (image|link)
"Words to Break Your Heart is definitely a labor of love, an album built from scratch and free of generic and processed musical themes." Read more
2013 Feb 15: The West Hartford Patch (image|link)
"Two years after she began pursuing her dream, West Hartford native Steph Barrak, has released her first album." Read more

2013 Feb 08: Indiemunity (image|link)
"...an impressive, polished first work." Read more
2013 Jan 18: Allston Pudding (image|link)
"Jubilant but focused, Barrak mixes the heartfelt with the optimistic, for a palatable take on acoustic indie-pop." Read more

2012 Jul 06: Abubilla Music (image|link)
"Steph - we're pleased to have found you." Read more
2008 Sep 09: WTBU (image|link)
"...never fails to draw "this should be in a movie" comments." Read more